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7. Do I need a guarantor who lives in Japan? Do I need a guarantee deposit?

No, you do not need either.

6. Insurance

・Please be sure to apply for enrollment into the National Health Insurance  program at the city hall right after you arrive in Japan. (\1,500 / month)

・We, as a school, enroll you into the Insurance for Study Abroad Students; (the insurance premium is included in the school expenses.)

・The above two kinds of insurance cover the cost of treatment for almost all diseases and injuries; but there are exceptions. For example, they do not cover the cost of dental treatment.

5. May I temporarily return to my home country?

Yes. But basically only during the school summer, winter and spring holidays;
or for a particular reason such as illnesses, family reasons and so on.
Please be sure to consult with your homeroom teacher in such cases.

4. Can I find a part-time-job?

Yes, you can. But only under the following conditions:
28 hours a week or less;
Up to 8 hours a day during the school summer, winter and spring holidays

3. Do you have any types of student accommodation?

No, we do not have any. But please be assured that we are ready to give you good information regarding accommodation for students.


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